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Complete ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework development

15 Student

Course Duration:

45 Hours

Course level:

Beginner to Advanced

What you'll learn

  • Build Complete Data Driven .NET Core MVC Application From Scratch
  • Learn C# and Visual Studio Techniques
  • Repository and Unit Of Work Pattern and Dependency Injection
  • Build Database using Code First Pattern and Migrations
  • Use NuGet Package Manager
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Setting up a Microsoft Azure Account
  • Setup Automated Build/Release Pipeline using GitHub and Azure DevOps
  • .NET 6 / 8 Development
  • Implement Authentication and Authorization functionality with Identity Core
  • Use AutoMapper and View Models
  • Interact with Database using Entity Framework Core
  • Manage and Track Changes using GitHub
  • Setting up and Publishing to IIS and Remote Database
  • Publishing to Azure Web and SQL Services
  • Review Application Security Measures
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Benefits Obtained :

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Training Evaluation Test
Completion Certification